I wanted to start my photoshoot with a plain, black background.  I thought that a lemon would be a good subject to shoot because of its texture.  Against the black I feel as if it especially pops because the background is almost nonexistent.  The texture and head on view truly make this picture feel like a three dimensional image, almost to the point where you feel like you could reach out your palm and the lemon would drop onto your hand. I also like this angle because there is a tiny bit of green in the lemon, this is something one would never usually notice (I didn’t when I threw it in a baggy at Whole Foods).

Lines are important to a photgraph because they provide harmony.  When I was looking for backgrounds for my shoot, I first thought a wooden table was a bad idea, but as I looked closer I realized how eyes are drawn to the harmony created by the flowing feeling lines give to the observer.  The way I placed the lemon exactly between to panels of wood gives the photo direction.  In addition, the natural curvy shape of the rings of the wood guide the eyes and make everything in the photo flow together.  The curves just make the lemon, which is natural, feel natural against the man-made table.

The amount of energy in this photo, I feel, is astounding.  This photograph has such a vibrant feel to it, it makes the viewer feel energy run through their body.  The mental thought of lemons being sour is realized in this photo, where the observer can taste the intensity of the lemon, by looking at the bright yellow pop off the green background.  Also the rule of thirds is noticed in the level of brightness of the image.  The bottom is mostly black and shadows.  The middle has light on it, and looks average.  But the top is noticeably brighter, the light hit the top the most and, again, the light provided a nice view of the texture of the lemon.  I drizzled water on it to make it a bit shinier, which is why I think the bright white looks more vibrant than on the other one


The first picture is neat due to all the contrasting colors which make the sign pop off the screen. The sky and clouds are extremely bright, which makes the trees seem even more dull than they are by comparison. This leads to the sign, in the foreground where the sign is, it looks more noticeable than usual, and the red white and blue are complimented symmetrically by the flagpole with the actual American flag hanging from it.
The second picture is neat because the banner is obviously the focus of the picture, it is the closest-up element of the photograph. Again I used the flagpole to provide balance of colors, the SIS building separates the two nicely because it is in the distance. I also like that this one exemplifies the rule of thirds.
The last picture s framed naturally by the building arch in the front. It creates not only a natural frame, but also darkness, adding to the amount of interest the eye has in looking at the banner.

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