The objective of the final project was to create a piece (in this case a video) exemplifying the various aspects of filmmaking learned in the course. This is a trailer for the upcoming independent horror/comedy, “Easter Casket.”

The Preproduction involved meeting up an discussing what to do, the ideas were either a trailer or a parody of youtube videos as a whole.  Luckily the idea was hatched to combine both aspects.  When that was done, the next task was figuring out how to go about formatting the trailer. The ultimate decision was to do a quick scene in which a man is killed while filming himself playing guitar, and then cut to a more dramatized version with varying shot types.  The next step was drawing storyboards.  The storyboards were drawn in the same lounge in which the kitchen scenes were filmed as to be accurate.

During production a sony camcorder and basic Targus Tripod were used.  The first aspect of the trailer is the original shot in which the man is playing his guitar for the camera. He is shown fixing and setting up the camera as to parody the stereotypical Youtube video of someone playing his or her guitar. The comedy comes in by the shock of the Bunny appearing out of the closet. The shot is framed to appear messy, so the closet door opening is a shock to the viewer.
After the video cuts to black, a more traditional trailer comes into play. The song chosen, “Vices” by Brand New provides atmosphere to the close-up shots. To cut down time we cut straight from the protagonist grabbing the knife, to her cutting, showing her walk across the kitchen would’ve wasted time, and the audience could infer that she walked there. The use of quick cuts was also effective to startle the viewer. When the girl is being chased and eventually is confronted, the use of a point of view shot puts the viewer in her shoes. The music kicks in perfectly once the tone of the video shifts from a creepy chase mystery to a blatant “knowing she’s screwed” atmosphere.

The bunny has a knife and the graphic used is reminiscent of a liquid pouring, which the viewer is likely to associate with blood. The red outline of the text furthers that motif of blood.The last shot and the overlay give the trailer a gritty feeling showing that the movie is going to be scary and unsettling.

The post production took place in the editing lab in Mary Graydon Center.  ideas were thrown around about how long to make the cuts and whether to add sound effects (i.e. when she punches the bunny using a pow sound).  The song used gave the video a somber feel, thus the decision was made to omit the campy sound effects.  The chots kept getting shorter and shorter the more cuts were made to give the trailer a more urgent tone.  A quick shot of a knife to a throat is more effective than a long drawn out shot of him raising the knife slowly.