The video, “Malk” by Julian Smith is a great example of the type of video that YouTube was created for. It is concise and still very much entertaining. It opens up with a shot of a hand opening up a refrigerator as one of the characters starts talking. The refrigerator is there for a reason; the video is about an argument that takes place on account of three friends all pronouncing the word “milk” differently (milk, melk, and malk). The next shot is a wide angle, which includes all three of the friends completely visible and sets the stage for all the characters. Most of the beginning conversation is all shown in single “cowboy” shots, alternating between whoever happens to be talking. While the video doesn’t use a tripod, and the relatively shaky camera is fine, it is worth noting that the headroom for all three characters vary greatly, which can be distracting. The character that is standing has good lead room, and his positioning complies with the rule of thirds. Next there is a cutaway to someone’s dad, which breaks up the conversation, and also adds another level of humor. After alternating more between regular cowboy shots and the argument among the characters escalates, it switches to a medium long shot to express the magnitude of the situation. It then cuts to a medium shot of one of the characters on the phone, the audience realizes he was just explaining his idea for a video. The next shot is a point of view from a cat, who just happens to be in an oven, which under the circumstances is ironic and amusing.