As a group, everyone did their part to take pictures representing the word, “calm.” All the pictures represented the word very well, but it may have been better if all the pictures had more of a similar motif to them. All the pictures that “Low Expectations” put up were drastically different. It is tough to determine whether or not the fact that the pictures were different helped or hindered the effort to express “calm.”
Given the opportunity to do it differently, the group should have probably gotten together and taken pictures as a unit. The fact that the project was more left to chance did give the opportunity for a broader range of diversity, but it was a greater risk then democratically deciding what looked the most calm.
Most importantly I learned that through the use of certain camera angles and by giving the viewer a certain perspective so that the image is as pleasing as possible. When images flow and guide the eye through it, they are much easier to look at.
The cityscape image was my favorite out of the ones I took. It used lines to guide the eye towards the capitol building in the background. This also happens to guide the eye through the depth of field, because the eye goes through all the buildings all the way back to the capitol building. In addition the fact that the building is off center agrees with the rule of thirds.