The Soiling of Old Glory won the 1977 Pulitzer prize. This photo was taken during a very intense moment of American history, the photographer, not only captured the moment with the extremely visible tension, he also was lucky enough to catch it within some important principles of photography. The image was taken from an eye-level perspective. This photo makes the viewer feel as if they were there, being faced by the angry mob, standing in the street across from them. All of the action is caght in the frame. This photo follows the rule of thirds because the man with the flag is more off to the side. Another concept that this photo illustrates is the idea of lines. You follow the pole, coming out from the man dressed all in black, and it leads your eyes to the victim on the other side. The photographer shows the rage and hate surrounding the poor black man in the photo, and it resonates deeply with the viewer. The most impressive thing about this photograph is the fact that it was perfectly timed, the way the flag is waving so it is clear what flag it is and the hate in the man’s eyes make this superb photograph almost painful to look at.