My opinion of advertising is pretty simple: As long as something works and isn’t blatantly mean to any group, it should be allowed. Shocking and offending people is just a way to get people talking, and if a company is willing to put themselves on the line like that and attract attention, I respect them for it. Sure, the image of the man dying from aids is shocking, and some may argue it was in bad taste, but it got people talking about Beneton clothing, which is what advertising is all about. I feel like any image is fine to present with the intent of advertising. The reason I feel that companies should be allowed to do that is because they are taking a risk when the use a shocking ad campaign. The risk of offending or bothering people should be respected because they are risking completely isolating themselves from a certain consumer base. If a company is willing to push the limits and use a bold campaign, I not only think they should be allowed, but they should be encouraged and praised for what they do, regardless of whether or not I’m a fan of the particular campaign. (full disclosure, I must admit that it takes quite a bit to shock or offend me)